Computer Services

Clark Computer in Easton, PA provides comprehensive computer services to clients in the Lehigh Valley, PA area.

computer repair easton pa
Our goal is to make our clients happy, while offering a wide variety of repair and anti-virus services. Withover 20 years of experience and knowledge, Clark Computer can diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix any computer problem you may have. Ask about our remote services! If you need a repair or service that is not listed below, please contact us!

Our Computer Services Include:

    • Small Business/Home Networking Setup – We do networking of multiple computers plus set-up of routers, hubs, firewalls, and any wireless or wired solutions for individual or multiple computers.
    • Hard Drive Replacement – If you need more space on your computer, we can upgrade or replace your hard drive to give you what you need.
    • Anti-Virus & Virus Removal – With all of the advanced computer viruses, we are able to fully remove viruses and protect your computer from future infections.
    • Memory Upgrade – If your computer is running to slow, or programs are sluggish – you may need a memory upgrade.
    • Power Supply Replacement – Laptop and desktop power supplies and batteries often go bad after long-term use – instead of purchasing a new unit, we can fix your current power supply problem.
    • Hardware Upgrades – With ever-growing and advancing technology, hardware becomes easily outdated – we can upgrade any hardware to current technology on any laptop or desktop computer.
    • Software Upgrades – If you need any software or software upgrades we can help.
    • Customized Personal Computers – We can build a custom computer for you, giving you everything you want while meeting your specific needs.
    • Operating System Install & Migration – Need a new OS? We can install and transfer all data and settings from your current or previous operating system.
    • System Optimization – If your computer performance is less than stellar, slow, or sluggish – we can optimize your laptop or desktop to perform better.
    • Password Reset – Lost passwords? Don’t worry – we can recover data.
    • Recovery Disc Creation – We create backup and recovery discs in case you ever lose any of your data – this is especially important for any small business.
    • Data Recovery – Old hard drive stop working? We have the programs and technology to recover all of your data for you. Don’t worry – it’s not lost!
    • System Board Replacement – We can diagnose, troubleshoot, and replace system boards.


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